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Jan Sølvberg er en av få som spesialiserer seg på coaching og det mentale aspektet og har 15 års erfaring innen dette.

Han har vært trener for bl.a tidligere juniorverdensmester i skiorientering Sindre Jansson Haverstad.

Sindre JH in action_S-Aapo Laiho

Dette sier Sindre om det Jan har bidratt med siden deres samarbeid startet i 2006:

  • Han har gitt meg tro på at jeg kan nå mine mål
  • Fått meg til å sette riktig fokus, noe som har hjulpet meg å yte optimalt
  • Hjulpet meg til å prioritere, noe som noen ganger har betydd å ofre andre ting…

Helen Palmer, Halden Skiklubb:Orientering

«Jan has been coaching me for the last year, not only helping me to make progress as an athlete but with all areas of my life. He is particularly skilful at asking powerful questions and enabling me to approach difficult issues from different angles. His style of coaching will help anyone to identify the barriers that are holding them back and find the right solutions to get them moving forward»


Jan har tidligere vært trener for løpere som Øystein Sørensen og Maren Jansson Haverstad og jr-grupper i klubbene Eiker, Fossum, Asker, Lierbygda og Sturla.

Jan er ACC sertifisert coach gjennom ICF – International Coach Federation og sitter i styret for ICF Norge.


Noen resultater:

Sindre Jansson Haverstad


Gull sprint VM, jr

Sølv stafett VM, jr

Gull NM langdistanse, sr

Gull NM langdistanse, jr


Øystein Sørensen, Orientering

Gull Nordisk mesterskap mellomdistanse, jr

Gull stafett VM, jr


Bronse NM-mellomdistanse, Eldre jr

Sølv NM stafett, jr


Sindre J Haverstad about Jan Sølvberg:

It is all in my mind!

I have been competing in both orienteering and ski orienteering on a high level, now I am focusing all my effort on the last one. My goal? To take a medal in the World Championship 2015! These two sports are really similar, you have to be strong physically, but if you can’t manage to be 100% focused during the race, you will loose time.

Jan Sølvberg in Innotiimi has helped me succeed with my goals, taking control over my own thoughts and thereby do my best in the most important competitions. Trough conversations before and after the races he helps me, often by «pushing the right buttons». In a typical chat Jan asks questions, and I try to answer them. Through the questions he makes me reflect about matters I wouldn’t have thought of alone. An example:

I’m a bit upset about today’s long distance, and not too positive about tomorrow’s middle distance. Jan has seen the split times from today’s race, and he asks me: «Is there any reason to not believe in a good performance tomorrow? – You where number three after 30 minutes today and tomorrow the estimated winning time is just above thirty minutes» I wasn’t able to give any good answer to that. This made me believe that I really had the opportunity to make a great race. The next day I took my first junior medal in a Norwegian Orienteering Championship.

Other times Jan asks me about my plan, what I’m worried about, or what stands between me and a great performance. This always makes me think, and also sort out, for example, what can take away my concentration during the race.

Through all these dialogues Jan also makes me be aware of both my weaknesses and my strong sides. In this way I can work on the weaknesses and strengthen what I’m good at.

Since I started my cooperation with Jan and Innotiimi, I’ve nearly always made my best performances in the most important races. It’s probably all in my mind!


Sindre J. Haverstad

Gold medalist at Junior World championships 2008, Gold Medalist Norwegian Championships 2012,

6th place in World championships 2013